The Ancient Languages Wikia aims to catalog all of the languages in Woodard's Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World's Ancient Languages. Each language should have a page on history, a page on phonology, and a page on morphology and syntax. The section two pages should be tied to the history page. Optionally, a series of lesson pages can also be constructed for each of the languages; the lessons should aim to give the prospective student the ability to read the original texts.

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Language Pages Phonology Morphology and Syntax Comments Other
Sumerian Sumerian:Phonology Sumerian:Morphology and Syntax
Elamite Elamite:Phonology Elamite:Morphology and Syntax
Hurrian Hurrian:Phonology Hurrian:Morphology and Syntax
Urartian Urartian:Phonology Urartian:Morphology and Syntax
Proto-Afro-Asiatic Afro-Asiatic
Egyptian Egyptian:Phonology Egyptian:Morphology and Syntax
Akkadian Akkadian:Phonology Akkadian:Morphology and Syntax
Ugaritic Ugaritic:Phonology Ugaritic:Morphology and Syntax
Hebrew Hebrew:Phonology Hebrew:Morphology and Syntax
Phoenician Phoenician:Phonology Phoenician:Morphology and Syntax
Aramaic Aramaic:Phonology Aramaic:Morphology and Syntax
Ge'ez Ge'ez:Phonology Ge'ez:Morphology and Syntax
Old South Arabian Old South Arabian:Phonology Old South Arabian:Morphology and Syntax
Ancient North Arabian Ancient North Arabian:Phonology Ancient North Arabian:Morphology and Syntax
Proto-Indo-European Indo-European
Hittite Hittite:Phonology Hittite:Morphology and Syntax
Luvian Luvian:Phonology Luvian:Morphology and Syntax
Palaic Palaic:Phonology Palaic:Morphology and Syntax
Lycian Lycian:Phonology Lycian:Morphology and Syntax
Lydian Lydian:Phonology Lydian:Morphology and Syntax
Carian Carian:Phonology Carian:Morphology and Syntax
Attic Greek Attic Greek:Phonology Attic Greek:Morphology and Syntax Greek Dialects
Sanskrit Sanskrit:Phonology Sanskrit:Morphology and Syntax
Middle Indic Middle Indic:Phonology Middle Indic:Morphology and Syntax
Old Persian Old Persian:Phonology Old Persian:Morphology and Syntax
Avestan Avestan:Phonology Avestan:Morphology and Syntax
Pahlavi Pahlavi:Phonology Pahlavi:Morphology and Syntax
Phrygian Phrygian:Phonology Phrygian:Morphology and Syntax
Latin Latin:Phonology Latin:Morphology and Syntax Old Latin
Latin Oscan Latin:Phonology Latin:Morphology and Syntax
Umbrian Umbrian:Phonology Umbrian:Morphology and Syntax
Venetic Venetic:Phonology Venetic:Morphology and Syntax
Continental Celtic Continental Celtic:Phonology Continental Celtic:Morphology and Syntax
Gothic Gothic:Phonology Gothic:Morphology and Syntax
Ancient Nordic Ancient Nordic:Phonology Ancient Nordic:Morphology and Syntax
Classical Armenian Classical Armenian:Phonology Classical Armenian:Morphology and Syntax
Etruscan Etruscan:Phonology Etruscan:Morphology and Syntax
Early Georgian Early Georgian:Phonology Early Georgian:Morphology and Syntax
Ancient Chinese Ancient Chinese:Phonology Ancient Chinese:Morphology and Syntax
Old Tamil Old Tamil:Phonology Old Tamil:Morphology and Syntax
Mayan Mayan:Phonology Mayan:Morphology and Syntax
Epi-Olmec Epi-Olmec:Phonology Epi-Olmec:Morphology and Syntax


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